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Affordable Housing

Rea Ventures Group is known for its ability to develop innovative financing structures and to close complex deals, which preserve and develop long-term housing affordability, for seniors, individuals with disabilities and families.

Our affordable workforce and senior housing communities are made possible by a variety of federal and state financing programs including low-income housing tax credits, HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME), the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the U.S. Department of Agriculture affordable housing programs, tax-exempt bonds, FHA and conventional financing. These developments have been structured for long-term financial sustainability.

Beyond developing affordable and sustainable communities, Rea Ventures collaborates with social service agencies and other partners to support residents with access to on-site services that can include continuing education, tax preparation, healthcare enrollment assistance to family services, and much more.

As part of our philosophy, Rea Ventures Group is committed to long-term ownership.

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Market Rate Apartments

Rea Ventures Group has development, constructed and owned multifamily rental housing since 2001. Rea Ventures continues to provide a reliable, safe and sustainable product to meet the nation’s rental housing needs.

A variety of methods have been utilized in our developments:

  • -A combination of market-rate and affordable housing
  • -Community amenities to enhance the property
  • -Energy-efficient and sustainable elements
  • -Community partnerships and joint ventures
  • -Long-term ownership

Rea Ventures works closely with landowners, public officials, tenants, businesses, neighborhood organizations, and others to find workable solutions to challenges that may arise during the development process.

Sustainable Developments

As an organization, Rea Ventures Group strives to be progressive in energy-efficient practices by identifying sustainable opportunities in the design, development, construction stages, and on-going management of our communities. We seek to provide a green lifestyle option at our communities by focusing on quality site locations, energy and water efficient materials and systems, appropriate indoor air quality design, enhanced community design, and quality control during construction.

The main components of Rea Ventures Group green building initiative include:

  • -Utilization of building simulation software to identify energy efficient design options. A typical RVG apartment currently achieves a 25-30% reduction under the 2006 IECC (energy code).
  • -Reducing utility consumption and increasing comfort through air sealing and insulation with a high degree of quality control during application.
  • -Building durability measures including product selection and appropriate application.
  • -Enhanced mechanical system design, installation, and quality control providing energy savings directly to tenants.
  • -Indoor air quality strategies that include the design of ventilation systems to achieve the ASHRAE 62.2 standard and appropriate selection of interior products to reduce indoor air pollutants.
  • -Water conserving appliances including dishwashers, washing machines, and low flow fixtures.
  • -High efficiency light fixtures and ceiling fans in units and common areas.
  • -LED or CFL lighting in common areas and site lighting.
  • -Solar PV or Solar thermal (water heating) where feasible as a measure to reduce overall operating expenses.
  • -Superb site locations to increase connectivity to schools, parks, services, and transit where available.
  • -Drought tolerant, native and low impact landscape designs to reduce costs of irrigation and maintenance while continuing to provide an attractive community environment.
  • -Neighborhood design strategies that include community gardens, enhanced pedestrian and greenspace environments, and road designs that intentionally slow traffic speeds where necessary.

Rea Ventures Group has developed sustainable constructed multifamily communities since 2011. All new construction will be certified by EarthCraft™, a green building program designed for the Southeast, provides rigorous standards and third party verification of sustainable building goals.

As a result of the efforts to promote sustainability and efficiently, Rea Ventures Group, has been awarded recognition of 4 certified EarthCraft Communities™ and 6 certified EarthCraft Multifamily™ developments.

In addition to sustainable new construction, Rea Ventures provides energy efficiency upgrades in the rehabilitation of existing properties. Such efforts go above code minimum standards and strive to improve the efficiency of each renovated apartment by 20-25%.

In 2014, the company began an effort to renovate 20 multifamily communities across Georgia. Renovations included energy efficient windows, lights, bath fans, appliances, and high efficiency heating and cooling systems. Among the 20 apartments, 14 are within a Georgia Power service area and are participating in the Georgia Power Home Energy Improvement Program.